Thursday, April 25

1:00 PM | SHORT BLOCK #1

The Porcelains | USA | Drama | 13 minutes | Texas Premiere
Directed by Jacob Sizemore
A chilling tale of the lengths an outcast, Bianca, goes through to be accepted by the most popular group of girls in high school. (Texas Film)
Pinky and Blueboy | USA | Crime | 6 minutes | Texas Premiere
Directed by Stephanie Barkley & Chase Joliet
Pinky and Blueboy are in love. Beautiful Dogs | USA | Drama | 16 minutes | Texas Premiere
Directed by Matt McClung
A dog walker encounters a difficult situation. Power Hour | USA | Dramedy | 16 minutes | World Premiere
Directed by Garrett Detrixhe
For a stress ridden young professional, an overnight visit from an old high school buddy evolves into a much needed emotional escape. The Helping Hand | USA | Thriller | 10 minutes | Texas Premiere
Directed by Brenden Hubbard
A young couple adopts a new baby monitoring technology to raise their child Indigo, but after years of ignoring their parenting duties the unhappy couple fall victim to her upbringing. Coplillas por Bombay | Spain | Dramedy | 15 minutes | Texas Premiere
Directed by Jaume Miranda
Carmen is a naive 20-something girl who is having an affair with Shahrukh, a handsome Indian man. Although they are madly in love, Merche, her strict mother, would never approve this relationship. The situation gets complicated when she has to move to Seville for family reasons. Clementine | USA | Drama | 11 minutes
Directed by Aaron G. Hale & Ross Wooten
A film crew shoots a documentary about the home life of a seemingly normal, happy couple. But some things aren’t how they appear on the surface. (Texas Film)

2:45 PM | SHORT BLOCK #2

Yellow Arrows | USA | Thriller | 15 minutes
Directed by Yana Sar
After receiving messages from a stranger, Jack follows a path into a hidden world. As he gets trapped in the maze of the unknown, answers he was looking for begin to be revealed to him.
Guest of Honor | USA | Drama | 12 minutes
Directed by Lisa Belcher
Struck by tragedy, a married couple goes ahead with their anniversary party, when an unusual guest arrives. (Texas Film) Lollipop | USA | Comedy | 3 minutes | World Premiere
Directed by D.J. Becker
A young girl has a prized possession that her older sister covets. The two sisters face off in a battle of wills that may end in a modern (and amusing) version of frontier justice. (Texas Film) Street Flame | USA | Drama | 12 minutes
Directed by Katherine Propper
A crew of street teens and skaters commemorates their friend Jinx on their own terms. (Texas Film) Lizard Quest | USA | Adventure | 4 minutes
Directed by Micah Breitweiser, Jessica Castillo and Nikki Cespedes
The monstrous Komodo dragon. Only three brave adventurers step up to put an end to it: Barbarian Turtle, Mage Chameleon and Sticky… a gecko. Together the trio must cross the land and do battle. Small, clumsy, and attached to everything he touches, can Sticky prove his worth and save the day in the face of a horrible dragon? Melodi | Singapore | Drama | 12 minutes
Directed by Michael Kam
An awkward, lonely boy is infatuated with his new neighbor, a young caregiver. In his own way, he reaches out to her. Labor | USA/Italy | Drama | 12 minutes | Texas Premiere
Directed by Cecilia Albertini
A surrogate mother faces a harrowing dilemma when she’s asked to abort the baby she carries for another woman. In Search of Paul | USA | Comedy | 18 minutes
Directed by Liang Ce
An emotionally troubled young man learns to face the loss of his grandma through searching for a tortoise that mysteriously disappears.

3:15 PM | SHORT BLOCK #3

The Music Director | USA | Drama | 10 minutes | World Premiere
Directed by Elizabeth Mims
Howard has been the Minister of Music and a staple at his church for over 20 years. Despite being beloved by his congregation, there’s something he’s afraid to tell them. Things begin to change when he meets Hoyt, his new accompanying pianist. With Hoyt’s help, Howard finally chooses to act on a feeling he has suppressed for many years, only to discover he may be too late. (Texas Film)
Cake | USA | Drama | 9 minutes
Directed by Esmeralda Hernandez
With an increase of immigration sweeps happening around Austin, Texas, a 1st generation Mexican-American child named Ana, struggles with having an “American childhood.” As her 7th birthday approaches, she can’t think about birthday cake or piñatas, she can only focus on her fears for her family’s future. (Texas Film) The Long Wet Grass | Ireland | Drama | 14 minutes
Directed by Justin Davey
As dawn breaks over a remote lakeside in the West of Ireland, a car comes to a halt and a man all in black exits. He opens the boot (trunk) and we find there a terrified, barefoot woman. As he leads her to the edge of the lake they start to argue and we discover that they have been there before as children. We learn that under his harsh rules she has committed a crime worthy of execution, but she defends herself, her humanity, and challenges his fanaticism. As the missed chances of their past come to light we watch to see if she can convince him to let her go. With haunting original music by Academy Award Winner Markéta Irglová. Heart Killer | USA | Experiential/Art | 3 minutes | Texas Premiere
Directed by Brenden Hubbard
A man loses himself in various cities searching for the place he belongs until finally, he realizes he’s late for his bands show. A Swedish Classic | Sweden | Dramedy | 8 minutes
Directed by Måns Berthas
A woman in a tattered wedding gown wakes in the forest to the sound of a deafening car horn. She finds her husband in the crashed car nearby. He’s in bad shape but alive. In the wrecked interior, they start to talk about their relationship, which soon seems to be as demolished as their Saab. Muerte | USA | Thriller | 13 minutes
Directed by Harold Fisch
On the night a struggling artist decides to push his artistic vision, he must keep a hold on reality as ghostly Aztecs and the deal his mother made come to haunt him. (Texas Film) Excuse me, I’m Looking for the Ping-Pong Room and My Girlfriend | Germany | Dramedy | 23 minutes
Directed by Bernhard Wenger
A film about a couple on a wellness trip, where one partner disappears and the other isn’t sure whether he’s looking for her or himself. Within the bizarre world of the alpine wellness resort, Aron begins a new chapter in his life. CARL | USA | Thriller | 10 minutes | Texas Premiere
Directed by Dylan Boom
A man desperately tries to escape an impending threat in a car that mysteriously keeps running out of fuel.

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